Somebody should do something about that.

Ah Summer!  Time for you and your imagination to get outside and do something with the yard, if only because the grass is now so high that you cannot see the dog.  But wait, what is THAT on the side of the house (this is where you can fill in the blanks, that could be peeling paint, missing trim, etc.)

This time of year is when even the most novice of homeowners looks at their home and says to themselves “something has got to be done about that”.  But then life gets in the way, it gets put off, another spring comes, and so the cycle continues.  Looking around Victoria tells you that many homes are now into counting decades when the last real maintenance, yes maintenance was done.

We have such a mild climate temperature wise that most people simply wait for their house to break, then they will fix it.   Then they need cardiac help when they get the quote/bill for neglecting their house.  It is always less expensive to maintain than repair or replace, presuming that quality materials and workmanship were used in the first place.

A simple list of things that could need checking: perimeter drains (keep those basements dry), siding (keep those insects out), foundation (twelve inches between the ground and below the siding is ideal, so use the compost somewhere else silly), windows (are they sealed, is water getting in around them, drafts), eavestrough (they connect to perimeter drains, are they clean, do they drain in the right direction, do they leak, are they secure), soffits (ventilation for the attic, keep insects out), roof (shingles all there, any leaks, tin around chimneys, seals around ventilation pipes for plumbing), chimneys (pointing, tin work, covers), you see there are a few items.

Get in contact with a professional contractor and ask them to help you setup a maintenance schedule.  This would mean that all of those items may not need to be addressed right away, but you could budget for them and knock them off the list over several years.  This is a true win/win:  you get your home fixed before it “breaks” at a good price, and the contractor has work booked with smart clients.


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